Commercial Christmas Light Installation Old

Big Job? Experience Matters

Retail, Restaurants & Plazas

Want to deck the halls of a shopping mall or plaza? Our talented team of holiday designers are ready to spruce up your retail location.

Interior & Exterior Decorating

We offer a variety of interior & exterior lighting services as well as industrial strength pre-lit garland, wreaths, large ribbons, street poles, tree wraps and custom holiday scenes.

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Cities / Municipalities

We've worked with cities of all sizes. We'll adorn your town's streets, poles, tree wraps, garland, large Christmas trees, Santa and reindeer scenes, and more.

We'll Work Within City's Budget

We are familiar with city requirements and RFP process and work closely with city managers and personnel to put together a holiday design plan that will fit within your annual budget.

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Office Buildings & Hotels

Want to make sure your guests have a holiday experience they’ll remember?

Full Transparency

We work closely with office management and offer a variety of exterior lighting and decor including pre-lit garland, large Christmas trees that can be lit up and/or decorated with ornaments. We'll show you examples of our work and provide visuals so you know exactly what you're getting.

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Be Sure You're Hiring the Right Installation Company...

Christmas lighting is not a regulated industry - so don't leave your big job left to amateurs.

Pro Tip: Always ask for references (we got 'em), insurance coverage, and examples of other large jobs.

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